Call for Volunteers

Join the Green Team, Support St. Jude Kids

If you know anyone who may like to volunteer a few hours of labor for next Saturday’s St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend, please share this post now–we still have over 50 open slots on the “Green Team”.

Picking up discarded clothing and trash after tens of thousands of runners isn’t the most glamorous of Marathon Weekend jobs, but it’s absolutely vital support for St. Jude’s largest fund-raising event, which raised over $10 million last year.  Volunteers help ensure St. Jude families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food. They also help St. Jude continue raising childhood cancer survival rates, and share its breakthroughs around the world.

To sign up now, use the link below, then scroll down to the “Green Team” and select from five jobs and 21 different shifts, which range in length from 3 to 8 hours.

Thanks so much for sharing this!

Should We Embrace Climate Change?

Is the president-elect’s pick to head the EPA  a troublesome development, or a breath of fresh, warm air?  I guess it depends on how you feel about who’s been paying his bills

Driving through Western North Carolina and East Tennessee last weekend, I had a chance to see (and inhale) first-hand the effects of ongoing drought in the region, as wildfires flourished in tinderbox conditions.  I didn’t notice this road sign when snapping a quick shot out my window…seems to be pointing toward both the wildfires and Washington…


“Smokies” takes on a new significance in Western North Carolina and East Tennessee

Can We Slow Global Warming?

If We Don't, Who Will?


In my first blog post, I shared a challenge posed to me by Sierra Club activist Steven Sondheim, who said we were both among the “worst” of climate change deniers, since we truly believe global warming is a serious problem, yet neither of us have done enough to help reverse it.

A mixture of concern and guilt led me to attend his talk at a Memphis Friends Meeting in June, when he shared insights gained as a delegate to the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris. That gathering produced a global consensus agreement to work together on slowing the rate of human-caused warming.  (Yes, it’s the same agreement from which our president-elect is considering withdrawing the US.)

Several points caught my interest in Steven’s discussion. I had hoped to publish these months ago, but work and family concerns took priority. Perhaps some of this is now even more relevant now than when it first was drafted last summer…


A Call to Action

On a bright Sunday morning last April, I found myself working outside the home of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center here in Memphis, Tennessee, getting it ready for a new coat of paint.  _medium_rasberrycre_89726_cropIt was by no means a volunteer job:  landlord Dan LaMontagne is a good friend, and he had offered to pay me a living wage.

(Though I’m fortunate to have a great full-time job, reducing debt from risks taken during the first internet boom is still a priority.  Worse than the financial burden: I’ve used it as an excuse for procrastinating on parts of my personal mission, and staying silent on important issues.)

So when Sierra Club activist Steven Sondheim emerged from the building, I felt a mixture of admiration and remorse.  (more…)